Monday, 27 June 2011

No Trophies? WTF?

The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion was a ground breaking game at its release. The game features a first person fantasy RPG experience that still remains unrivaled to this day. The level of immersion and attention to detail put in the game is astonishing, which makes this game one of the finest RPG's to have entered the gaming realm.

Having said this, it was brought to my surprise that Oblivion would see a re-release on the Playstation Network Store as a download-able copy - BUT NOT INCLUDING TROPHIES. BOO!

Boo on you Bethesda and your lack of proper support for your games. Don't give your games a re-release if they can't keep up with the times. Oblivion came out like 5 years ago at PS3's launch, and you're giving it back to customers with no added features?

Anyways, a lot of other titles are doing the same thing. It's absolute trickery.

For instance Ubisoft released Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 on PSN recently. This game also came out around 5 years ago during PS3's launch year and to be quite frank, it sucks pretty hard. Who are the people buying/RE-buying these shitty old games with no added new features?


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