Sunday, 10 July 2011

PSN Pass? Kiss my ass.

What the flying shit? Sony has announced and confirmed the "PSN PASS" program. Apparently, you will need a code to play newer games like Resistance 3 online (probably includes Uncharted 3). You may have seen the image on the back of the Resistance 3 box art.

Personally, I am very disappointed because I am a fan of purchasing used games from various marketplaces like Kijiji, Gamestop, and Microplay. This affects us who enjoy purchasing used games because we are not getting the same game that would have been purchased new.

I don't care if the new copy of the game is only 5 dollars more, I don't need to pay more for plastic wrap sealing and a lousy one time use code.

I hope this PSN Pass, Online AXESS, and all the other crap flops hard.

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